Sunday, February 7, 2016


Mixing And Mastering Using Several Techniques. Let’s Check Them Out … … …
Ahead Of Time You Can Email Me At

The Lows Highs And Mids Are Known For Making Great Quality Tracks And Albums. You Need The Engineer Here To Touch A Bit On Those Frequencies.

The Decibel Level Needs To Be Touched For The Flow And Vibe Of The Album (Or Track).

The Difference Between Vocals And The Track Can Make A Difference So If You Have Them Separate That’s A Little More Detail I Can Add. Nonetheless! It’s Going To Be Some Good Work.

I Also Make Instrumentals And Am An Artist Myself With The Vocals.

I’m Using Fruity Loops. Been At It For Years. So If You Have The Original Fruity Loops File That’d Be Really Cool. Again Nonetheless QUALITY WORK.

I Work Directly With The Sound Wave Down To The Closest Zoom, Cause It’s Necesarry.  Lining It Up Like Hairlines At Barbershop, Feel What I’m sayin…

Anywho About The Prices… They’re Negotiable At All Work Put Up To Be Worked On. This Means You Can Get It Done Cheap And On Your Own Wallet/Bank Account.

Tryna Get Your Stacks Up?? I Do Verses For Free With The Vocals.

You Can Reach Me At 678 371 4820 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Again My Email Is

I Also Use Audacity To Give It An Extra Touch. Turn A Knob Here And There And There You Go, Your Music Will Be Good To Go. Holla At Me Folk.